Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Foolhardy and Fantastic Project Progresses

This is my reason for creating this blog, this project and what it can lead to in the future. A few weeks ago I posted a little about my current project and it's already out of date, because of good news. Unfortunately that same news is why I haven't posted more about my project, which is that I have more self-funding: more hours at work. That's just one part of what's happened recently.

For those wondering:
Here is the general idea for the project, in normal terms. The main goal is to create an interactive advice system that uses personality typing advice and project advice together, and use that advice to help students see the connections between their interests and learning. That learning includes, but is not limited to school, because there are other things that contribute to being successful, responsible, considerate people.


It's a game that advises players how to become better at using their skills and abilities to play the game, with real life applications.


Ya, that's a good way to describe it.

Now, here's the financial run down: more work means more money and less time, in a good way. I say that because I should be able to afford the MBTI certification training without any help. Why should you care? Well, it's more expensive, has a limited time window and is better suited to my project, especially since I can take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Certification any time I can afford it. Technically I should be able to afford both this summer, but they are fairly similar and I've got other preparations to buy.

The second order of business today is to clear up a miscommunication that has happened repeatedly.

This is MY project, and I'm the one doing it.

I feel much better now, because I've asked to "talk" to people "about" my project and been told that they aren't interested or able to take on another project. The thing is, ... well I said it just a moment ago. This is my project, and I'm the one doing it. Seriously, if you have some good ideas or concerns, I'm open to them, but don't think this will become your project, at all. I came up with this project, and am doing it myself, because I've seen way too many such projects run into the ground in ways that seem obvious to me to let somebody else take over and do that to yet another. So, I'm willing to listen, but I'm going to make sure that I can make this work. Okay, I'll move on now.

With the good news and mild rant out of the way, here are a few of the cool things that have happened, besides the financial stuff. I've talked with Dr. Michael Bitz from the Center for Educational Pathways, been given a slightly customized version of the Individual Kit from The Comic Book Project to assist my efforts. Another guy I've been talking with about my project is Howard, a former psychiatrist with similar interests. After talking I found out he had a similar idea years ago, but didn't have the background to make it happen. Just talking with him has been very helpful. Through contact with several people I've found more books I want to buy, eventually, as well as building a list of people who would like updates on the project.

Anyways, this project is, honestly, a stepping stone for further projects and systems. While many find my ideas interesting, they don't see the entire picture. Education needs both scalability and individualized "teaching". It used to be that students had mentors, tutors and masters (when they were apprentices). Now, we are mass fed a standardized set of information to be memorized and replicated. The first is individualized, and the second is scalable to an extent. So, like many others I went looking for a good solution and think that computer technologies can help. However, that's not enough, which is why I'm using the personality typing to take the individualization it makes possible and try to create a scalable system with computers. Yes, I know there is a lot more to this than just that, so let's continue.

* Computers give scalability.

* Personality typing gives individualization.

* Media design gives presentation.

* Game design gives interactivity.

* Personal goals gives relevance.

* Together that should give engagement.

With something like twenty new books bought this year, the certification program and my background, I'm putting everything I have into covering all those points, and more. I'm even considering the possibility of creating comics, online video and a community site on top of blog posts to make this work. I do have some posts planned, and many that I've started in the past that I'd like to finish and post related to this project. Hopefully I'll get to them soon. I should have a new computer coming soon so I won't have to keep borrowing one to blog and do research.

If you are still wondering if I can do this, please consider this last point. I'm buying elbow and wrist supports so I can do better, and more, at work while increasing my ability to work on this project. I'm potentially risking tendinitis just to make this happen. I'm that determined to succeed, and now I'm finally starting to seem some return on my invested effort. At the same time, I'm getting the joint supports as a precaution against injuring myself, so I've got the ambition, determination and the foresight needed.

Have fun, spread the word and tell me what you think,
Igen Oukan
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Jeff Brain said...

How is your progress, one year out? I too teach game design, comics, and that whole strange mix those of us who are creative and innovative and making it in the education world.

Steven Egan said...

Still doing the day job, have become a certified MBTI practitioner, joined the brand new Experts Industry Association, started a local mastermind group, redesigned some of my projects to be more appealing and effective, just got back from a high priced business networking and training event (the ticket was given to me for free because of what I do), have several people interested in having me do game design for their projects and am attracting the attention of some decent sized movers and shakers. All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with the progress made, but would love to see this take off, which just might happen with the results of the networking and training event.

Most of all, I'm loving the "work", and thrilled to keep going, especially with the networking, training, reading and designing results I've had through the last year. So, I'm even more determined now to make this happen than a year ago.

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